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Royal Bloodstock will list your Thoroughbred Racehorse for sale for FREE utilising our extensive sales network and advertising portals.

We will value your horse and will contact you for approval prior to advertising.

Our valuation is based on in depth form analysis, pedigree, area racing, height, size, issues and vices and embargoes along with 10 years experience in selling Racehorses.

For Racing Filly’s and Mare’s, our valuation takes into account basic pedigree analysis.

Simply fill out the form below to list your horse for sale.

* You must have permission from ALL Owners before listing a horse for sale with no outstanding fees owing to 3rd party providers.
* Any soundness or behavioural issues and/or vices with the horse must be disclosed.
* Royal Bloodstock acts as an escrow service, once the horse is vetted and payment has been received in full to Royal Bloodstock's bank account, horse is then released for Transport.
* A signed Transfer Of Ownership form by all Owners is to be emailed, fax or posted to Royal Bloodstock before payment can be transferred to Owners or Trainers nominated bank account.
* Royal Bloodstock requires 3 weeks exclusivity to sell.  a 10% commission will be deducted on final sale price.
* If the horse is sold prior to the exclusivity period ending, a 10% commission is still payable to Royal Bloodstock on agreed listing value.
* Geegees Pty Ltd t/a Royal Bloodstock is released from any loss, financial or of any kind that may result in the valuation, sale and/or any advice given by Royal Bloodstock and its employees.

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